BMX and Skate/ Inline News!

You request it, we get it done.

You guys wanted some BMX only time, aswell as some Skate and Inline time too. We get it, scooters are a force to be reckoned with !

Starting tonight Thursday – 8pm – 10pm, will be BMX only and Fridays – 8pm – 10pm reserverd for Skate/ Inline only.


2 comments on “BMX and Skate/ Inline News!”

  1. Tanis wassall Reply

    Can you please add in another bmx session as some people cannot make the later one on Thursday

    • alice turbine Reply

      Hi there! Thank you for your comment, unfortunatley, as a charity run by almost a completley volunteer staff, it can be hard to accomodate all requests. It is so great that people are keen to join us here at Unit1 and we will most definitley take your comments into consideration at the next meeting! Thanks 🙂

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