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This Thursday – Rampit UK join us!

RampIt UK will be joinging us THIS THURSDAY 6-9pm! £10 on the door.
Signings / ride with / merchandise available
See you then!




Here’s You Chance To Ride With The Pro’s!

Leo Spencer and Nathanael WestJoin us at Unit1 Skatepark this Sunday 13th August for a chance to ride with Nathanael West and Leo Spencer!
The event is set to be a hit, running from midday until 6pm.

Entry is £10 on the door and drinks and food will be available from the cafe.

Unfortunatley, we will have to ask that all inliners and Skateboards to not attend this Event, sorry guys.

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See you there!



Tough Mudder!

Kelvin Hewett, Nikki Frostick and Sam Edwards are taking part in the London West ,Tough Mudder on the 7th May 2017.

This 12 mile mud and obstacle course is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and to test your mental strength and stamina.The course boasts 40 tons of ice and 500,000 litres of Grade – A Mud!

We are trying to raise money and awareness regarding the fantastic work and safe haven provided by Kathy and her team at the Unit One Skatepark in Medway.This was founded as a charity to give Children a chance and opportunity to Skate in a Safe environment all year round.Both Scooter and SkateBoarders are welcome at Unit one however the facilities are managed and supported by volunteers who give up their time to assure children have a safe place to skate.

Over the years Kathy has provided not only an opportunity for children to skate and scooter but for sometimes, vulnerable children to work and help out under her guidance.This has provided them an opportunity to gain confidence and a sense of responsibility in a working environment, an opportunity they may not have received somewhere else!This skatepark gives some Children an opportunity to escape environments that are not always positive and allows them an opportunity to do something constructive with their time.

The skatepark is open to all and has been supported in the past by a number of professional Skate borders and Scooter Riders including Nathanael West, a professional rider who is sponsored by Crisp Scooters.

Kathy has made a number of personal sacrifices to assure this park stays open so please help us to raise some money for the charity so she can continual this great work!

Putting ourselves through this pain is surely worth a donation and our Team name the Super Sharp Shooters is just completely misleading, Please help us!

You can find out how to contribute towards the charity and help the team raise much needed funds here